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Kid wakes up with amnesia and surrounded by beasts. Next thing he knows he's enrolled in the worlds most inhumane school, Cogs. Children of Genetic Science. I have literally no idea whats going on! Updates Mondays!

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July 20th, 2015, 11:51 am

no comic this week

I am really sick guys, I want to finish the chapter to start off this hiatus. but I'm not feeling well. Last week I waited till Monday morning to make the comic. If I feel better tomorrow or during the week, I'll try to make all the pages until the chapters end.

March 3rd, 2015, 1:18 am

Format Upgrade

Okay, so as it turns out, my program Comic Life I use to put together the images, is way out of date. I just updated, but it's waaaaaaay different. So, in CH 8 things might look off...

Check out my Tumblr for COGS: behind the scenes stuff!!!

November 1st, 2014, 6:56 pm

New Blog

Hello all! We will be coming off Hiatus in December, until then follow the new COGS Blog: or like us of face book :

October 19th, 2014, 8:24 pm

Hiatus Update.

Hello! As you all know, COGS is on hiatus. This is due to stress in my current situation. (Moving, and depression that acts up with such events) What you may not know is November is NatNoWriMo. (National Novel Writing Month) I had originally planned to participate in NatNoWriMo with a story called, "Descendents of Dragons" but as November is aproching and the move is seemimingly put off until the last possible moment, I'm working up some anxiety... So, I figured out something else I can do that's, well, not exactially a novel, but a graphic novel. I have a large amount of COGS, not finished, but scripted. Really. I have up to chapter 9 fully scripted. And the COGS books are to be released 5 chapters at a time. My thought is that maybe during the month of November, I could attempt to draw and finish all of COGS book 2. (Chapters 6-10) I would still release them in the 3 comics a week, in a Mon-Wed-Fri update secduled. (Of course they would be avalible earily on Amazon Kindle) So... What do you guys think?

October 6th, 2014, 12:19 am

Still Hiatus update

Well hopefully by the end of November I will be posting again. I'm just trying to get by until my family and I move into our new place. (Which we still don't even have yet)

August 9th, 2014, 4:45 pm

Characters Book 2?

I really want to put up the 8 new bio files for Book 2... But... There is one file that has spoilers at this point... I suppose I could just put up 7 of them, and wait on the final one... Like I did with Lyra's original bio for the first set... What do you guys think? Are you itching to see the new bios with the cast in their new outfits? Huh? Huh? Anyone?

Edit: Put up Characters Book 2 Page!!! Minus one bio file...

July 1st, 2014, 2:40 am

Reminders, Changes, & Updates oh my!

Hello! Oh my, well haven't we got a lot to discuss? First and foremost, a reminder, All finished Chapters of COGS, CH 1-5 are out on Amazon Kindle. So if you've got a kindle an iPad an iPhone, Go get it! After buying one, the price of the second CH drops when using Kindle MatchBook. Also, I have plains to make an all new art calendar for 2015, so if you like the Monthly wallpapers, there will be more of that! Plus if you're in need of a new calendar for this year, that is still for sale on Zazzle! The link for that, and All the COGS Chapters on Amazon Kindle are in previous news posts!

Enough reminders, time for me to report on changes. The Character page will be changed to "Characters Book 1" and a new Character Page will be made for Chapters 6-10. This reflects the notebooks I use to sketch the Chapter pages. There is also new Book cover, that will be released with a spell checked 5$ Amazon Kindle Comic Book bundle of CH 1-5 as Book 1. But all that won't be for some time.

On to Updates! The script fares well! CH 8's Script version is finished, and I feel confident enough to release the Chapter titles!

CH 6: The Escape

CH 7: Full Moon Fever

CH 8: Strings

CH 9: Kepicees

CH 10: TBA

Okay... I think thats all... I will edit this if I think of more...

EDIT: updated the Polls Page!!! YAY!!!!

June 3rd, 2014, 8:16 pm

Chapter 5 Now Available Amazon Kindle!

Hi! Whats that you say, you know I've drawn all of Chapter 5 and don't want to wait a whole month to read it all? Then go buy the Kindle eBook! It's only 2$!!!

Seriously, go buy it.

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